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At Agapé Hospice, the Butterfly represents hope and metamorphosis to the next stage of life. The Rainbow signifies the beauty of life. In addition to our personal, heartfelt gratitude we honor many of our very generous donors who have contributed to Agape’s success and growth with a uniquely beautiful butterfly plaque on our "Butterfly Wall". Recognition levels begin at $10,000 and are a popular way to memorialize a loved one.

Some Of Agapé's Generous Community Partners

Evening with Donna Balzer



Deck the Halls

2012 Deck the Halls

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Deck the Halls

2011 Deck the Halls

Deck the Halls sponsors


Mad Hatter Tea 2010 Mad Hatter's Tea and Jam Garden Party sponsors
Mad Hatter Tea sponsors

Italian Chamber of Commerce 2009
Italian Chamber of Commerce in Canada
7th Annual Flavours of Italy and
Inaugural Italian Wine Awards Gala Dinner

Sun and Salsa 2009
Kensington Village Sun and Salsa Festival

Sun and Salsa Festival 2008
Imperial 2008
Progress Club 2008
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