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What People Are Saying About Agapé Hospice

The atmosphere is quiet, reassuring, and peaceful. Emotions are intense but in a short while we felt like everyone in the hospice was connected to us, and that some were a kind of family. Mom was dying there, and yet somehow Agapé also became a refuge for all of us from the pain of what was happening to her.
The Leew Family

When asked, I tell people that end of life care is a personal choice but for my family the peace, education and compassionate care we received at Agapé has made us stronger in character. It led us to a path of helping others, rather than sinking into self pity.
R. Bezanson

I learn so much from the people at Agapé: the residents, their families, staff and volunteers alike. I have watched my life change under their influence. My priorities shift, values mature and a calm permeates all. The "unbearable lightness of being" becomes more bearable.
Greg Dibicki, Agapé Volunteer

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