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Spiritual Care

At Agapé Hospice, spiritual care is available 24 hours a day if needed. The Spiritual Care Coordinator provides spiritual care through a supportive presence, the incorporation of meaningful and sacred practices, grief support, counseling, and liaising between individuals and their faith communities.

Agapé is a Christian faith based hospice in Calgary that respectfully serves all faith traditions. Its serene chapel is always open for prayer and meditation. The Spiritual Care Coordinator offers regular morning chapel services. A Prayer Shawl ministry provides knitted shawls to give physical and spiritual comfort to residents and family members. Bereavement support is available in the form of remembrance services held every two months to honour all who pass away. Bereavement support and referrals can be accessed through our Spiritual Care Coordinator.

Spiritual Care Department
Phone: 403-282-6588 ext 225


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