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Agapé Hospice's Social Work

Based upon ideals found within Agapé's mission statement and social work ethics, Agapé's Social Worker provides emotional and advocacy support to both residents and their loved ones. The Social Worker handles each case individually and assists in adjusting to hospice life and developing coping strategies, providing education and grief counseling, facilitation of family meetings, referrals to community supports and bereavement follow up.

Agapé's Social Worker also advocates to help resolve financial concerns, access available benefits and liaise with community agencies, facilitate transitions to home or long term care, provide advocacy letters and certifications to government agencies and to provide counsel regarding funeral details.

Agapé Hospice

Elephant Club Program for Children

When serious illness occurs in the family, adults often want to protect children from its negative impact. A child’s experience of grief can be very painful and isolating, and parents going through their own grief may not be emotionally available to help their child at this time. With the development of the Elephant Club, the Social Worker works with children, when requested by their parents, to help them work through their grief in a safe environment.

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Social Work Department
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