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Agapé Hospice's Programs and Services

Physical Care: Agapé provides provides comfortable private rooms in a home-like environment for residents allowing peace, privacy and the least invasive medical interventions. Nutritious meals are delivered to the rooms daily and kitchen facilities are provided for special needs of the residents and for use by families who are encouraged to remain with their loved one as long as they need.

Medical and caregiving staff see to the physical needs of each resident by providing expert care as well as a caring heart and a listening ear to help alleviate fear and enhance the residents quality of life for their remaining days.

Social Work: Emotional support is offered to both residents and their loved ones through providing coping strategies, grief counseling, facilitation of family meetings, referrals to community supports and bereavement follow up.

Agapé Social workers also advocate to help resolve financial concerns, access available benefits and liaise with community agencies, facilitate transitions to home or long term care, family notification, provide advocacy letters & certifications to government agencies and to provide counsel regarding funeral details.

Spiritual Care: Agapé’s in-house Spiritual Care Coordinator provides 24 hour spiritual care and our chapel is always open for prayer or meditation. A Prayer Shawl ministry provides knitted shawls to give comfort to the residents and monthly Remembrance Services are held to honour those who have passed.

Volunteer Program: Agapé volunteers are an integral part of the inter-disciplinary care of residents and family. From the moment of an inquiry tour through to compassionate bereavement follow up, Agapé’s volunteers provide life enriching activities such as High Tea, a Fine Arts Program, pet visits, emotional support and a quiet caring presence.


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