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When home or hospital is no longer an option, Agapé provides a serene, loving and home-like environment for individuals to live out their final days and to die with peace and dignity. Our caregivers are experts in providing excellent individualized physical, spiritual, social and emotional care. This allows family members freedom to be fully present in their journey with their loved one. Agapé’s environment provides comfort, support and a safe place to grieve. Several comfortable lounges, gardens, and sitting areas provide space for peaceful respite and visiting. We want our residents to have as much quality of life as possible. Our residents are encouraged to continue enjoying their personal interests. We also provide painting in our Arts Program, musical entertainment, social interaction at High Tea and many other activities.

The Salvation Army Agapé Hospice is a leader in providing palliative care services in Calgary and we value our partnership with the Alberta Health Services. The Agapé team has the expertise to care for residents at the end of life and includes those with special needs such as:

  • End stage renal failure where dialysis may have been discontinued
  • ALS
  • AIDS
  • Brain tumors such as glioblastoma
  • Difficult pain and symptom management
  • We also welcome residents and families experiencing difficulty with the concept of life coming to an end.

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