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What type of donations may I make?

Undesignated Donations are crucial to ensure the continuance of quality care for our residents. These gifts may be in the form of Cash Donations, In Memoriam Donations, or Event Sponsorship. They may also be paid monthly, quarterly or annually.

Designated Donations to fund a specific project or item, perhaps with naming rights for your organization or family, are invaluable in ensuring efficient operations and an adequate supply of necessary equipment. Examples of designated donations include Facility Renovations, Maintenance Requirements, and Medical Equipment.

Financial Investment Gifts are a relatively easy way to make a substantial commitment which will benefit Agapé and provide yourself or your company with taxable rewards. For more information about this type of donation to Agapé Hospice, please click here.

Gift In Kind Items or Services Provide items or services for the benefit of the facility operations, administration or fundraising activities.

United Way or Salvation Army donations may be designated to Agapé Hospice. Simply make the appropriate indication on your United Way or Salvation Army donation remittance.

A 3rd Party Event may be an event of any size and stature held by individuals, corporations, or associations. These kinds of events are invaluable, not only from a fundraising aspect but by also raising awareness and providing opportunities for groups or employees to work together as a team. Click here for upcoming events.
Please note that certain criteria and standards in using The Salvation Army and Agapé Hospice brands are required. Agapé’s Charitable Gifts Advisor will be happy to assist you in making your plans.

Click here for more information about how to make a donation.


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