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A Partnership of Caring

A not-for-profit service organization, Agapé Hospice provides a peaceful homelike setting and compassionate end of life care to our residents at no charge. During an average stay of 18 days, the resident pays only for their pharmaceuticals and oxygen. Agapé's priority is to help residents peacefully live the remainder of their lives to the fullest and support their loved ones through the process.

In order to ensure that crucial services are available in the time of need, The Salvation Army Agapé Hospice relies heavily on the support of our valued funding partners, the Alberta Health Services and The Salvation Army Red Shield Appeal. However, in addition to this support, Agapé's Fund Development team is required to raise in excess of $1.3 million dollars annually to ensure the continuation of the quality care and services for which Agapé is renowned.

Raising this remaining $1.3 million is only possible through the generosity of our community partners; individuals in our community, Calgary’s corporate and business leaders, various charitable foundations and associations.

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