History of Agapé Hospice

The Salvation Army Mission Statement is "The Salvation Army exists to share the love of Jesus Christ, meet human needs and be a transforming influence in the communities of our world." In keeping with their mission statement, a study was commissioned in 1987 which resulted in a group of visionaries pioneering the development of a more holistic form of end of life care, particularly for those with Cancer or AIDS. In 1992, with the transition of the Salvation Army’s Sunset Lodge for seniors, Agapé Hospice was established with three beds and the distinction of being the first free-standing hospice facility of its kind. Today Agapé has grown to include 20 beds in 2 wings.

The Salvation Army Agapé Hospice has been providing caring and compassionate end of life care and family support to Calgarians for twenty-five years, directly serving more than 5000 residents and their families.  Agapé Hospice provides quality care and has been in the forefront of hospice palliative care initiatives and programming since the beginning of such services in the Calgary area.  As a Salvation Army facility and contract provider to Alberta Health Services, we collaborate with our partners and others hospices to ensure we provide comprehensive holistic care that meets the needs of residents, families, and the community.

The Salvation Army Agapé Hospice is accredited with Commendation under the Accreditation Canada Qmentum Program.

Who We Are

When home or hospital is no longer an option, Agapé provides a serene, loving and home-like environment for individuals to live out their final days and to die with peace and dignity. Our caregivers are experts in providing excellent individualized physical, spiritual, social and emotional care, including those with special needs such as;

End stage renal failure where dialysis may have been discontinued
Brain tumors such as glioblastoma
Difficult pain and symptom management
We also welcome residents and families experiencing difficulty with the concept of life coming to an end.

Providing this specialized care allows family members freedom to be fully present in their journey with their loved one. Agapé’s environment provides comfort, support and a safe place to grieve. Several comfortable lounges, gardens and sitting areas provide space for peaceful respite and visiting. We want our residents to have as much quality of life as possible. Our residents are encouraged to continue enjoying their personal interests. We also provide painting in our Arts program, musical entertainment, social interaction through our crafts and card making and many other activities.

The Hospice Advantage

Hospice palliative care is provided to people who are facing the end of their life, and whose care is not aimed at curing disease but at maintaining or improving the quality of life of someone who is dying. The terminally ill may choose the nature of the care they will receive and determine when and where it will be administered.

Death is not a disease. The process of dying is not a clinical process. Each person faces death in his or her own way. Having the power of choice about medical treatment, about the pace where care is given, about practical, emotional and spiritual services, is essential.


The Leniczek Family

You always leave residents better than when you find them
You hug people who are hurting
You listen to people who feel broken and
You give love to those that feel lonely

Many thanks to all who cared for my brother and his “mega” family.
We are all deeply touched by your ability to make this a positive experience.
The staff and volunteers are truly amazing.

The Adam Family

Bill lived his life and final days believing that “Life Is Good”. You made us see that and feel that.

Norman Senn

I know of nothing that gives me such a feeling of caring and giving as volunteering for Agapé. Those we visit are often lonely and many are frightened but holding a hand, a loving response and gentle conversation have quite a dramatic effect. It is no wonder that I am the one who benefits from being a volunteer.